Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend Roundup?

The Roundup is a planning practitioner’s conference unlike any other. It is situated on the campus of UC Santa Cruz. We hold our program in a classroom, sleep in the dorms, and eat in the cafeteria – which may explain a lot of its character. It is informal – dress is casual, very casual. It is collegial – the educational sessions are highly interactive, but some of the best learning occurs during informal discussions with fellow practitioners. It is fun – we do like to laugh, and there always seems to be a bottle of wine handy in the evenings. Maybe it is a bit like those college days – without the homework. The best recommendation for this conference can be had from anyone who has attended in the past.

Who can attend?

This is a retreat restricted to people who are financial planning practitioners or studying to become one. Because everyone who attends is in the same profession experiencing similar issues, we can relate to each other and share experiences and ideas.

Should I attend as a resident or a commuter?

We strongly encourage attendees to be residents. Commuters miss out on probably the best element of the Roundup – the collegiality and sharing of ideas that occurs mostly outside of the classroom.

What is the dress code?

Very informal. Anything from business casual to shorts and a t-shirt is fine. Anyone wearing a jacket and tie will be considered inappropriately dressed and sent home to change into decent clothes.

What is the weather?

Days will likely be warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 65 to 85. Mornings are often foggy, with temperatures as low as the mid 50s. Evenings are also cool. It is advised that you bring a sweater or jacket for the evening.

What are the accommodations?

We sleep in the dorm rooms and eat in the cafeteria. The dorm rooms are not the Ritz, but they are far better than what most of us had in college. Each dorm has 2 or more bedrooms, a shared bath, a living area, and a full kitchen (we are only allowed to use the refrigerator and sink). The food at the cafeteria is generally good.

Can I bring my significant other?

Significant others are welcome, subject to availability of dorm rooms. We do not provide day time activities for them, but they are welcome to participate in our evening activities. If they are staying in the dorms, pricing is provided on the registration form.