For Green Horns (newcomers) and Senile Old Timers

Remember that this will be an informal learning environment. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes. Cool fogs are common both mornings and evenings, so sweaters and jackets are recommended. Our three bedroom dorm apartments are designed to accommodate four people, with towels and bed linens provided. However the towels, blankets, and pillows are skimpy, so you may want to bring something more like what you are used to from home. The refrigerators are operating but the cooking facilities are not.

Given the small number of attendees and the friendly and informal setting, it is traditional to bring your favorite beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) and snacks to share; this is especially true for the Thursday evening reception. We often sip wine into the wee hours as we share ideas, tall tales, and jokes.

Other things to bring are the usual paper, pens, pencils and erasers as well as alarm clocks, flashlights, personal hygiene supplies and medications.

There are rules of good conduct, which the University expects us to honor. Other groups are using the college facilities at the same time, and we are expected not to be rowdy at night, to clean up any messes we make, and not to smoke on campus. In addition, we expect attendees to honor the speakers during the sessions by not distracting others. To ensure that participants don’t act like a bunch of slap-happy cowboys just come off the trail, the Roundup Sheriff and his posse will be on duty to deal with any offenders (all in good fun, of course!) For more information, contact Kian Nobari at (650) 400-0400 or

Notify us if you need a ground floor apartment

Campus housing does not provide elevator access for apartments above the first floor. If you cannot, or prefer not, to walk up and down stairs, we should be able to accommodate you in a ground floor apartment. But we can only do that if we know that that is your preference.

If you did not indicate a need for a ground floor apartment on the registration form and you need one, or have any other accommodation needs, please contact Bob Finke as soon as possible at .