29th Annual Conference is now scheduled!!!!

To be held August 9th – 12th, 2018

at beautiful UC Santa Cruz

2018 Registration will open approximately June 4th, 2018


The Far West Roundup is an informal retreat for financial planning practitioners and those intending to enter the financial planning profession. It is held on the campus of UC Santa Cruz.  We eat in the cafeteria and we sleep in the dorms.  The campus is beautiful, the food is good (considering it’s cafeteria food), and the accommodations are a long shot from the Ritz.  Needless to say, this retreat is wildly popular in spite of its downscale venue.  The appeal is the informal setting where planning practitioners can exchange ideas and have fun.

This is an informal learning environment.  The Roundup is also unusual in that there are no sponsors.  Most of our speakers are fellow planners or professionals in related fields who have been recommended to us by past attendees.


“As a newcomer I found the whole first evening to be a great way to get to know a few people and get a sense for the flow of the conference.”

“I really enjoy Round up — the connections, discussions, topics and location.”

“The dorm suites are huge! Seriously. HUGE!!”

“Great speakers. I always learn something new.”

“Great annual summer event – seeing friends and obtaining CEs.”

“This was one of the best prepared, most intelligent presentations I’ve ever seen.”

“Really great community that I am happy to have joined. Thanks for having me!!!”

“Love love love this conference! Please don’t grow and don’t change!”

“Well done all around. I had the best time and I really enjoyed the people, presentations,
and activities.”

“I had a great time. The people at this conference are great!”

“The intimacy of the size group is perfect.”

“Everything was really good. Loved the weekend and picked up some great information! Will be back…”

“Everything ran very smoothly!! The Posse did an amazing job!!”

“Love the facilities and atmosphere. Y’all put together another stellar program; Kudos to the Posse!!!!”

“My favorite conference for the collegiality and opportunity to really explore complex topics with some of the most accomplished planners in the field.”

“As a greenhorn I appreciated the warmth and friendliness in addition to the content…also the lack of sales and promos.”

“Love the university and staying in the dorms. Food is fine, love the exercise from the hilly campus and the beautiful views. Love the time and space for conversations.”

“My compliments to the entire Posse for another stellar event…both educationally and socially. Round-Up is the only event I plan on attending every year. My most humble thanks.”

Conference Location

UC Santa Cruz – Porter College (revised location for 2018)

200 Heller Drive  Santa Cruz, CA

Roundup directions

Roundup Photos by Ethan Pepper